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heroes friends and villains of the game zone 2
a collection of video game characters ive made up and now its here for your viewing pleasure :3

BOWLER HAT PAT a pro wrestler from his game SLAMDOWN for the snes his chubby but tough body can take hits and he keeps on coming he won many wrestling championships and is not gonna give up his title

MARIA the daughter of mario and princess peach she loves adventure and action shes cute and hip with an Italian accent to boot she was taught by her father to use power mushrooms fire flowers and even the new muscle mushroom that gives her enlarged muscles and enhanced strength even bowsers minions cant resist her cuteness and sexiness shes kind pure and loving and will protect the mushroom kingdom from the evil of bowsers daughter terra koopa

BIG HAMMER a mechanic robot built for fixing machinery but he learned he can do other things he is one of sprocket cities best mechanics along with his friends otto dipsey and the rest of the team

OTTO GEARS dipsey gears older brother and skilled mechanic a helper character from dipseys game WRENCHIT for the sega genesis he uses his high tech screwdriver that can change into any kind of screwdriver from a flat head to a fill up it can also extend in length to become a good melee weapon he and his team of mechanics can always get the job done

KITSUNA a friend of wu lang she is a foxy lady who wields the element of fire she can use fire based magic and heat bending to fight and light lanterns she is skilled in thai style kickboxing she wears the symbol of fire on her outfit but likes to show off her curved figure and thats the way she likes it ;p

GOLGUR a large bear with incredible brute strength he can manipulate the element of earth he can create seismic waves quakes tremors and summoning rock and stone he is wu langs friend and protector with his earth magic he fights and will stop the forces of evil from conquering the land

SOFIA a fitness trainer who uses the element of wind she summons large gusts and small twisters she can even float in the air she is a friend of wu lang and the other two her courage and skills in tae bo are a good help in aiding wu lang in his quest the games name is PANDAS QUEST for the sega genesis

KIMI STARDUST a galactic enforcer from her game LOVE STAR for the arcade a game where you fly your star fighter shooting enemies and collecting upgrades and weapons its similar to games like parodius and defender you must blast your way through waves of foes and defeat the evil queen larvana to save the galaxy she is flirty and joyful along with her partner bun-e she can fight in and out her fighter armed with a standard issue laser pistol to shoot the bad guys and afterwards get ice cream ^w^

BUN-E a little robot bunny playful and outgoing she is kimis partner and friend she is a small atominous bunny programmed with a code breaking device super computer she joins kimi on her mission to defeat the evil queen larvana and save the galaxy and bring it to peace

QUEEN LARVANA an evil insectian ruler cruel and destructive she commands an army of mutant insects and deadly robots her monstrous desire for galactic conquest keeps her planning to take down the heroic kimi stardust and rule the galaxy with an iron fist

BLOOM a boxing cyborg girl from her game CYBER FIGHTERS for the arcade she is a mechanical wonder in a tournament where she fights other robots cyborgs and androids her fists of titanium can crush rock to powder she has a large set of moves and combos that turn the fight in her favor she is kind friendly though she can get pretty competitive but fights fair she hones her boxing skills through training and some upgrades

i hope you like them :3

GAME ON!!!!!!
another one =w=
heroes and villains in another package enjoy

hans konburg a german metal musician with demonic hellish powers he can summon the shadows to do his bidding plus he can shoot dark energy from his hands control over the darkness he is the lead vocal in his band hes relentless and evil and will crush any unfortunate soul with no remorse

kandie paz able to control water and moisture her body is composed of water but she can assume a flesh body when not fighting crime shes smart and loves the beach she even fights to clean the waters of earth daily she works at a water purification plant but when help is needed she turns into her watery form and goes out and wash out evil

meg furget a 24 year old crime fighter that can manipulate magnetic fields and control metal she uses her gift to help people and beat up bad guys wearing her special suit that amplifies her magnetic abilities to high levels her name is chick magnet but shes also a man magnet :3

krey murnoff the guitarist of lord darkness's band and also evil villain she can manipulate dark matter and black ink shes a german goth girl with major issues sometimes issues that leads into her tearing victims apart

kimura watashimiku an agent from tokyo japan shes skilled in many martial arts and assassinations she is not to be taken lightly because she will rip your spine out though only if its part of a mission but other than that shes calm as a soothing breeze

george barks a muscular man of radioactive justice he can project radiation beams from his fists coat himself in a field of toxic energy and is super strong and durable he is resistant to all forms of toxic chemicals and radioactive energy making him a hero who is ready to take out the trash

moon hylder super fast and super stylish she can go from 0 to 300 in 0.3 seconds her speed is an equal match to the flash she works at her dads comic store when off duty she loves comics and action figures its her passion and love

mark crayton an evil scientist bent on absolute supremacy  he uses his array of machines and robot minions to expand his empire

izz jackson a hip and cool hero hes always dropping the beat and throwing some rhymes his mad skills put evil on ice hes a fresh action dude with a love for the rhythm he has a large set of different powers gifted to him and his girlfriend by the goddess of music

may crad jam boys girlfriend and partner in crime fighting she also has a musical array of powers granted to her by the goddess of music together jam boy and melody will fight the evil DR HATS and bring him down with style and a good beat

hatsworth von topz an evil world conquerer who has a gimmick for wearing many kinds of hats based on what his mood is or what situation even ones with different functions hes in command of an evil army of mechanical monsters all in a quest to defeat jam boy and melody and rule rhythm town and turn it into hattropolis

howard kings a superhero with a special suit that gives him enhanced strength durability an array of energy based weaponry and a jet pod built in he can travel fast through danger and come out with no sweat

hugh purk a giant putrid monster who can vomit highly corrosive bile that melts things in a matter of seconds hes also very strong and his ginormous fat can absorb blows and even bullets this hulking monstrosity with no care for the lives of his victims hes huge and will kill anyone foolish enough to cross him

kelsie adams a lonely girl with no one to care for her except the demonic shadows that possesses her she has no powers but she can call upon the darkness to kill her foes she marauds the cold streets of a large city with no one to be with except the shadows that follow her where ever she goes

lizzy pran half girl half monstrous reptile shes cold blooded and enjoys decimating  people shes super strong and durable and can re grow any limbs sliced off like a lizard she dangerous and reckless she will whip you with her strong tail over and over and will laugh while doing it

florina of the darkness she is a beautiful lustful and sexy woman this being of darkness with powers of darkness and shadow her lovely yet demonic voice sends chills down peoples spines though she can sing beautifully she enjoys luxury and pleasure set with long limbs and razor sharp claws and a nice cleavage her beauty is equal to her blood thirsty cravings so watch out for her you might be in danger or in for some excitement ;p

zoey watashi part american and part japanese she is a skilled young chef with a fascinating culinary art for cooking delicious meals she sets out on a mission to be one of the best chefs who ever lived and a another liking for superhero comics so she got an idea to become a culinary superhero armed with various cooking utensils which she uses as crime fighting tools shes also a red belt in karate so she is kinda ready to take down bad guys and serve up justice with a side of specially seasoned fries :3

brina keith the daughter of a brilliant scientist who discovered a new species of duck that has beautiful red feathers he brought one to the lab to examine this new race his daughter was in the lab minding her own business until she accidentally tripped and fell into a fusion chamber the door closed on her trapping her but then one of the ducks that was for some reason was roaming free stepped into the other pod and then the machine was doing a routine system test that activated and combined the ducks dna with her turning her into a super powered duck girl hybrid upon coming out of the chamber she was horrified by her mutation screaming in terror her father walked in seeing what happened to her he was shocked at what became of her he then calmed her down brina eased up but then she was starting to feel strong and great later on she discovered that the mutation gave her enhanced strength and awareness and can even throw her feathers line ninja kunai she was starting to like her new abilities and even thought she looked good as a duck girl she was now pleased to feel this new power and thought she could do great things for people leading to her taking on a superhero alias which she named herself the crimson quacker

lora hawton a super human with the ability to coat her body in an impenetrable skin of bronze as well as control anything made of bronze when in her metal coating she is super strong and super tough her power is limited and only works on objects made of bronze but she still earns superhero status and is befriended by many other superheroes

i hope you like them :3
power fight new entries
new fighters have come to join the tournament and become the ultimate power fighter here they are

MR FIRE a rap sensation who combines break dancing with brazilian capoeira his fighting skills are superb which interests the champion into inviting him into the tournament

NAPI native to the islands of the south pacific she perfects her skills in combat preparing herself for the tournament she is a skilled hunter and combatant she fights for her people and seeks to prove herself that she can fight and win

GRAY a large gray skinned monster he towers over his opponents and will crush them flat hes strong and durable he killed many victims with no remorse his berserker like rage is the reason why many people fear him

HAUN LEE a chinese martial artist who is skilled in monkey kung fu she has the agility and speed of a monkey in fact she has one as a pet she was invited to the tournament by the champion himself she is excited and is ready to fight and win to show that she is the best monkey artist in the world

KATHY a girl who works as a construction worker but surprisingly she is super strong she can lift large garters with no problem the champion was impressed by her superhuman strength so he invited her to the tournament excited she accepts his invitation she trained and honed her fighting skills and is determined to beat the competition and claim the title as ultimate power fighter

THE BLISTER a german soldier turned killer his metal armor can absorb blows and he can land a devastating punch his specialty in val tudo makes him one of the german militarys finest combatants

MR POLONI an italian  pro boxer his talent in boxing and wicked sense of humor earns him respect in his hometown in italy he fought and defeated many fighters both in and out the ring which fascinates the champion he sends mr poloni a plane ticket and map the grand stadium mr poloni accepts and joins the tournament

KA SHO a martial artist who fights with a pair of kali sticks ka sho is a respected member of his community even titled as a being of great importance with his third eye he is a master fighter and friend to his people the champion monitors him and decided to invite him the the tournament

BLUE WARRIOR she is a partner to the red warrior she knows different martial arts which she learned in her travels a hero to many and a challenge to villains shes ready to deal damage to the other contenders and will fight to the bitter end

MEGALOTH M3 model three of the megaloth cyber soldiers his durable red armor protects him from attack hes programed to fight and if necessary kill a bundle of fighting styles downloaded into his mainframe he serves his creators and is tasked to fight in the tournament and win by any means possible

IMPUA an indian woman with great wisdom and a pure loving heart she is a master of many indian styles of fighting shes peaceful but if required she will fight to protect her people from evil she loves to belly dance and teach the children of her village self defense she was invited to the tournament for her impressive skills in combat

JET BOI a white rapper with a chinese heritage who is a master of jeet kune do he fights and drops some beats he goes to the tournament to improve his fighting skills and gain more fame

GUDAK a feral man beast who lives in the dark jungles of venezuela he hunts any prey foolish enough to enter his domain he is a master fighter when facing great threats hes also a feared creature the locals would be waken by his howls and tell stories about his attacks on the villagers the champion has learned of gudak and searched for him found him and invited him to the tournament

i hope you like them :3

  • Listening to: lots of different stuff
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greetings my fellow americans and friends from around the world i wish you all a great celebration of our nation and be together with our friends and families im wondering what my family will do for this special time of year but i bet it will be fun bye ^w^
  • Listening to: lots of different stuff
  • Reading: bleedman comics
  • Watching: youtube
  • Playing: ps2 wii xbox n64 gamecube and snes
  • Eating: lots of stuff
  • Drinking: dr pepper substitute
greetings my fellow americans and friends from around the world i wish you all a great celebration of our nation and be together with our friends and families im wondering what my family will do for this special time of year but i bet it will be fun bye ^w^


United States
i love bleedman and his art i also have hearts for harlebat i wish to see my characters drawn by professionals most of all bleedman

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Personal Quote: id like to see my characters drawn by people with talent most of all bleedman




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